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What is Millennium Trek?

Welcome to Millennium Trek!

The mid-hill ridgeline trek, popular as Millennium Trek, has been the priority line of selection for many people. Generally, it is a homestay trekking trail set up by the local people and community – each village of the Western Nepal region features at least one homestay service.

The districts of Syangja and Tanahun are on the leaderboard, with more than 30 villages with traditional homestays. When the idea of the millennium trek first sparked, the motive was to provide the international tourist with the local traditional authenticity, including food, lodging, lifestyle, and many more.

Why Millennium?

The local community features a diverse group of people and ethnicity. People from different backgrounds have come up in the same place and with the same idea of the Millennium Trek, which starts from 420 meters (13,77.95 feet) and reaches an altitude of 1,709 meters (56,06.95 Feet). People from Gurung, Magar, Brahmin, and Chhetri communities have been the prominent faces of this trail. Also, they come with several cultural and ethnic significance – cultural events like Ghatu, Kauda, Salaijo, Jhora, Thado Bhaka, and Sorathi are some of the pleasing beauty of this trail.

When it comes to the natural perks, the caves of Millennium routes have kept the mysteries that you might want to explore. The breathtaking waterfalls and heavenly landscapes are not missed on this route. The beauty of Dhor Barahi Temples, monasteries, and historical forts add the golden lining to this region. Moreover, the snow-capped mountains are the icing on the cake.

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Experience the culture and hospitality of the unique villages  Nepal of remote Nepal with Millennium Trek.



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