Cultural Experiences In Millennium Trek

Millennium Trek is not just a trek but a perfect place for cross-cultural activities. People and communities around here are affluent in their own culture and tradition, along with several events and functions. Millennium Trek from Syangja and Tanahun will give you glimpses of the cultural richness and the hospitable environment.

Let’s explore more of it in this blog:

Ghaatu Naach By Gurung People

The Gurung Ghaatu Naach is a culturally significant traditional dance form performed by the Gurung community in Nepal. This exuberant folk dance is a popular form of celebration during cultural events and festivals and is renowned for its energetic movements and live musical accompaniment. The performance features an ensemble of men and women, with traditional musical instruments such as the madal, flute, and cymbals adding to the festive ambiance.

cultural dance at millennium trek

This dance is an intrinsic aspect of the cultural heritage of the Gurung community, serving as a symbol of pride and celebration. When it comes to Millennium Trek, Ghaatu Naach is the most common cultural experience you will see. Many villages like Magarnash, Gharedi, and Rajsthal feature the rich cultural aspect of the Gurung people, Ghaatu Naach. People dress in unique costumes and perform the dance – it is also believed that the story of King Pashramu and queen Yambawati (or Champawati) is relayed from the dance. Other dances like Sorathi, Salaijo, Kauda, Thado Bhaka, Jhora, and Krishna Charitra are also popular around the place.

Dhor Barahi Temple And Its Belief

Dhor Barahi Temple from Dhorphirdi, Tanahun district, does not need any definitions for the Hindu pilgrims. It is one of the sacred places for them – in recent days, the holy fishes of the Dhor Barahi Pond have gained immense attractions among Hindu devotees.

Worshipping God Barahi and Ganesh is the main motive of people when they get to this temple. But it is not the only reason devotees come to this place – people believe that children with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) can be treated through the worshipping of Lord Barahi and Ganesh.

dhor barahi temple

Many have shared their experience regarding how they gained the audacity of speech after their holy experience in this temple. Besides that, people pray for their successful love life and marriage and their partner’s long life in this temple. Besides all that, several other places like Magarnash Village and the traditional houses around the Millenium Trek route carry cultural richness. Magarnash Village sounds like the habitat of the Magar people; however, the story is different.

Gurung people are the inhabitants of this place. It is said that Gurung was the one who resided in this village after the extinction of the Magar community – that’s why it’s called Magarnash Village. The etymological meaning of ‘Magarnash’ is ‘extinction of Magar’ – ‘Magar’ refers to the ‘Magar’ People while ‘Nash’ refers to ‘Extinction.’ The traditional homes on the trail feature ancient antiques preserved by the local people to this date. It has added beauty to the trek for sure.

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