Dhorbarahi Temple

Dhor Barahi Temple

Dhor Barahi Temple stands as one of the important Hindu temples in Nepal. Located in Dhorphirdi, in the Tanahun district, this temple is one of the major attractions of Millennium Trek.


The temple features a small pond (natural spring pool) where the water level mysteriously rises and falls. The French geologist team has been researching the reason for such activity for around 11 years.

dhor barahi temple

Also, you can find the holy fishes inside this pool – the first fish was put inside the pond in 2042 BS (1985 AD). Similarly, several fishes are gifted by the devotees while visiting Dhor Barahi Temple. One of the exciting traditions of the locals is that people refrain from eating and fasting if any fish in the pond dies. They also give them a proper funeral and burial.

People visit Dhor Barahi Temple to worship the God Barahi and Ganesh for a long and prosperous life. It is believed that they pray for a loyal and loving partner and fulfillment of a successful marriage.

The most important belief that the people of Nepal have is that a child with Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) illness can be treated here. According to the locals, children with CAS can be recovered if they are showered with the holy water of Dhor Barahi.