Millennium Cave

Millennium Cave, located near the Sadhi River in Shukla Gandaki-12, Tanahun, is one of the lesser-explored caves of Nepal.

To reach Millennium Cave from Sadikhola takes around 20 to 25 minutes. For safety, the cave is always locked – if you want you and your team visit Millennium cave, you will have to contact ‘Ghaderi’ so they will provide you with the keys to enter it.

The most exciting thing to know about Millennium cave is it’s a loophole to another cave – there’s a small hole-like path, which you can view from the bottom, and it takes you to the next shelter.

millennium cave

You also can see a beautiful waterfall, which has the wide prospect of canoeing, the local people believe. Millennium cave also features water inside it, so it would be better to take off your shoes. You can see the unnatural build-ups inside the cave with thousands of bats hanging around. Several wooden pillars are placed to support the stillness of the rocks inside it.

After reaching a bit inside Millennium cave, a metal ladder takes you to the bottom of the cave. You will see that the base features ample hall-like space and has a couple of waterfalls in it. If you are to describe what you will see inside the cave, it’s mesmerizing since the walls and grounds have indescribable build-ups. The ceiling appears like floating mountains but upside down, which is formed due to the consistent dropping of water.

History of Millennium Cave

Millennium Cave was first discovered by local villagers on February 16, 2000. Dr. Krishna Bahadur KC named it Millennium Cave, and since then, it has become a popular destination for both professional and amateur cavers. Before, it was called ‘Chamera Gufa,’ which means ‘Bat Cave.’ The infrastructures, like the railing ladders, were built by ‘Aama Samuha’ or Mother’s Group of Ghaderi in 2057 BS (2000/2001) – a total budget of 56,000 NPR was utilized for its management.


Physical Builds And Formation

The cave is composed mainly of limestone, with some sections of sandstone. It is estimated to have formed over millions of years due to the erosive action of flowing water. Talking about its width and height, the hall-like bottom of Millennium Cave has a vertical height of 50 meters (164 Feet). Similarly, the cave’s width is 15 meters (49 Feet).