Rangvang Cave

Rangvang Cave is one of the mysterious caves you can visit during your Millennium Trek. What makes Rangvang cave so special is that it does not have vertical openings like other caves or infrastructures – you will have to jump right into the hole in the ground with safety ropes.

There are safety bars around the mysterious Rangvang Cave that help to avoid unnecessary entries to it. The local people believe that ghosts and evils reside inside the cave, so before entering it, they launch a simple worship-like event, which they say is to chase the spirits.

Rangbang Cave

You can reach the bottom of the cave nearly after 10 minutes. Explorers should wear sturdy shoes that provide good traction. A headlamp is also recommended, as the cave has many dark areas. Other essential items include a map, compass, and first aid kit. 

This cave features natural crevasses and is composed of limestone and sandstone. It also has a very astonishing landscape that you can find in Great Canyon and Manang District.

You can also find a small hole-like space, which takes up to 10 to 15 meters. You can see the landscape like a brick-layered wall inside this hole.

History of Rangvang Cave

Rangvang Cave was first discovered by Hardcore Nepal while exploring the attractive destinations around Millennium Trekking routes. Since then, this cave has been the dream destination for many people.

The cave, however, has a huge chunk of waste products thrown by the residents for years. The people around the cave had been using it as a dumping location before it was officially discovered. Recently, the initiation of waste management inside Rangvang Cave has been started – hope it gets a positive result and helps plateau the tourism prospects.